Supervision – for Individuals and Teams

Do you work in a psychological, social or pedagogical team? Are you in nursing, pastoral or the medical profession? Is the level of staff illness high, while your spirits are low? Are you experiencing repeated conflicts and perhaps even mobbing?

Are you a teacher or instructor in a school? Are you a social worker, working with children, adolescents or young adults? Are you a medical doctor, at-tendant, therapist, minister or deacon/deaconess? Then, your profession is psychologically and emotionally wearing. You deal with people who suffer and who try to deal with things which haunt them. Do you find yourself mentally taking their suffering home and therefore find it difficult to switch off after work? Do you despair about being stuck between your own standards as a helper and your institutional possibilities?

Supervision is a form of systemic support for individuals as well as teams.The process will help you to reflect on and improve your professional (or hon-orary) engagement.

The content of a supervision can be your daily work and routines, roles and expectations, relational dynamics between clients, co-workers and/or superiors, and the quality of cooperation within your team or your organisation.

Your goals of a supervision might be:

During a systemic supervision, you will define goals, take stock of your circumstances, discover and use your resources, and reflect on your experiences. As your supervisor, I will assist in the implementation of your ideas.

All topics and content, which are part of the supervision process, will of course be entirely confidential!

Depending on situations and issues arising during the supervision, I will propose different methods. The following have often been very helpful:

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