Counselling and Therapy for Couples

Are you in a heterosexual or LGBTQ relationship? Do you quarrel more in this partnership than you enjoy each other’s company? Do conversations, more often than not, end in a deadlock? Do you sit with each other in strained silence? Is your life together, characterised by finger-pointing and strife? Is sex with your partner no longer satisfying for you? Have you (or your partner) been unfaithful (or would like to be)? Are you feeling misunderstood? Does your marriage seem to be in tatters? Is love just a distant memory? Are your children stressed as well, and do you fear that everything is getting out of con-trol?

Emotional and intimate relationships are an essential factor for personal happiness. However, if the dynamics of love and conflict in a partnership, mar-riage or family are keeled over, satisfaction decreases. Then, partners are often helpless, insecure and unable to cope. Perhaps they know what they want to change, but often enough they have no idea how. Or they search for a solution outside the current relationship.

As a couple’s therapist, I will help you to realise both your productive and destructive patterns of interaction, both your interruptions and opportunities during contact, as well as your unfulfilled needs, desires and hurts. I will gladly support your attempt to re-establish a sound relationship. If necessary, I will also facilitate a respectful separation or divorce.


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